Mobile Games in 2019

How Mobile Games Work

Mobile games have been in existence for around two decades now. The oldest mobile game, Tetris, was introduced in 1994. Three years later, Nokia introduced the Nokia 6110 mobile phone which came pre-installed with the now famous Snake game. In 2003, Nokia took its push for mobile games a notch higher by launching the first ever dedicated gaming phone, the Nokia N-Gage. Fast forward to 2012 and smartphones had replaced most traditional mobile phones, mobile game developers came up with a wide selection of games to keep their fans engaged and entertained. Around this time, Angry Birds became the top selling mobile series.

Popularity of Board Games

Today, technological advancements and innovations have made it possible for game developers to use superior graphical interfaces to produce high quality mobile games at a low cost. Unlike the traditional mobile games where players had no control over the characters in the game, the modern-day games allow gamers to choose and customise the characters they are playing with. The old mobile games were mainly board games which included chess, backgammon, checkers and some other basic games whose origin can be traced as far back as the old Chinese civilization. Board games have maintained their popularity to this day with many developers coming up with exciting board games that are available for download both on Apple’s Appstore and Google’s Play store.

Different Types of Modern Mobile Games

When thinking of types of mobile games, here we look at the categories in which these games have been clustered.

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Card
  • Casual
  • Music
  • Racing
  • Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Word
  • Adventure
  • Board
  • Casino
  • Educational
  • Puzzle
  • Role Playing
  • Sports
  • Trivia

Looking at the categories above, it is clear that game developers have tried their level best to ensure that they have designed games for everybody.

Aside from these general categories, mobile games can also be distinguished into groups based on the demography the games are meant for.

These include:

  • Mobile games for kids- These are games for children of ages 0 to 12
  • Mobile games for teenagers- These are games for persons aged 12-19
  • Mobile games for adults – These are age-restricted say for players from ages 18
  • Mobile games for all- These games can be played by the whole family. The content is family-appropriate.

For parents, it is highly advisable to child protect your mobile phones to ensure that your under-aged children are only allowed to access age appropriate content.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

It is clear that mobile gaming is in a journey whose destination is unknown. From the very fast mobile game to the ones we see today, you can see that innovations and enhanced technologies have contributed bigly to the shaping of the mobile gaming experience. Augmented reality and multiplayer mobile gaming are some of the interesting additions that are quickly coming into the mobile gaming space. It will be exciting to see the kind of games that will be churned out of the development labs in 10- to 20-years’ time. One thing is for sure though, gamers such as yourself will continue to be wowed with new and exciting games.