McAfee Comprehensive PC Security

What is McAfee PC Security?

Today, both individuals and businesses rely heavily on computers. The internet has made it possible for people to connect, access information, exchange idea, and do business via their computers connected to the internet. Sadly, with all these advantages comes a threat in the name of hackers and malwares. The Internet is wash with hackers who are tirelessly looking for ways to ways to infect PCs with their malwares.

The surest way to keep these hackers at bay is by ensuring that you have installed an antivirus that doubles as an anti-malware protection software which will keep you safe as you surf the web. There are many PC security software in the market. McAfee Internet Security is one among these software that has proven over time to be a reliable and comprehensive security solution.

Why McAfee?

  1. McAfee is used by many users across the globe When thinking of purchasing and installing a security product, it is important to check and see if the product is widely used by others. If the product such as McAfee is used by so many people across the globe, then this means that the product must be good otherwise people wouldn’t be using it. Additionally., for security products that updates regularly online, the large number of users means that the updates released must be comprehensive because most are gathered from bug reports from the users.
  2. McAfee Offers Excellent Protection Against Malwares McAfee deals with malwares in a different way compared to other antivirus programs. Malware coders are notoriously knowledgeable and they use their knowledge of the workings of computer systems to code malwares that can slip past some protection protocols and steal data. They can also use the embedded malware to remotely control the infected PC and achieve their own nefarious aims. Whenever the program detects a threat, it silently quarantines the infected file without popping up the bothersome notifications that is characteristic of most security programs. In case you download a malware bundled in some freeware, McAfee will wipe it away immediately without issuing any alerts or explanations. This makes good sense because you really do not want to retain the infected files on your PC.
  3. McAfee Offers Fabulous Protection Against Phishing Attacks Unlike malwares that have to pass through security to gain access to your computer, phishing attacks are different. In these attacks, the cyber criminal makes a replica of a site that looks legit and all he has to do is to fool or dupe users to log in to these dummy sites using their real credentials. In any case an unsuspecting victim falls to this fraud, then they will have handed over their credentials to the crooks who can use them to commit fraud. McAfee web advisor flags all suspect redirects and urls and issues a warning by alerting users of the riskiness of the site that they are about to visit.


A final thought

When looking for an antivirus, why not go for one that offers total protection. McAfee will protect you against malwares, phishing attacks and viruses and it is relatively more affordable compared to its rivals. Give it a try today and join millions of satisfied users.