How TruthFinder Works

If you are like me who appreciates the truth, then coming across a data broker who is able to pull and compile this truth in way of a downloadable record must be relief. Introducing TruthFinder, a data broker who does this and more.

Some need to know facts about TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a people search website which allows you, the user, to browse and search for information on persons living in the US. The kind of information that you can get your hands on include criminal records, contact information, background checks and more.

How does it work?

Well, TruthFinder relies on hundreds of millions of readily available social network data, public records and information from multiple sources which might include federal, state and county databases. The results gleaned from these sources can be sent to your mobile device or computer from where you can download and access the data.

Why use a People Search Website like

TruthFinderYou can easily argue and say, “this information is readily available for free and I can access it because it is my right”, well, hold your horses.

Yes, the information is available and yes, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has ensured that these records are publicly available. However, the real process of obtaining the information from multiple sites can prove cumbersome especially to the untrained eye. This is why companies like TruthFinder exists. To take of the load and burden of having to go through this process.

Are you ready to try TruthFinder?

Let’s look at the process, shall we? So, first, you will need to visit the TruthFinder website and enter the person’s first name, last name city and state on the space provided on the home page and click search.Give it a few minutes and you will be brought to a page with the matching results showing the person’s age, possible relatives and both the current and previous locations that the person of interest has lived in. If satisfied, you can click the “Access Report” button. You will be redirected to a pricing page. Upon choosing your subscription plan and paying, the report will then be sent to you. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Subscription Plans

  • 5-day trial- This is billed at $1 and in case you fail to cancel membership before the end of the fifth day, you will automatically be billed $16.71 for the monthly plan.
  • 1 month- This is billed at $ 16.71 per month
  • 3 months- This is billed at $15.71 per month ($47.13 in total)
  • 6 months- $13.71 per month ($ 82.26 in total)

Remember, all of these subscription plans give you access to what are considered to be “Standard” reports. If you need a more detailed “Premium” report, it will cost you an additional $14.95 per requested report.

A final word

I believe a people search website like TruthFinder exists to make your life easy. The subscription plans are reasonable considering the fact that they do a lot of work digging through tons of data so that you won’t have to do it.