Creating Website Using Wix

Wix- The Most Flexible Website Builder

Since its inception, Wix has quickly gained popularity as being a flexible website builder. Its popularity is partly attributed to the fact that it spent heavily in its marketing campaign by contracting Hollywood stars including Gal Gadot, Jason Statham and Heidi Klum.

Now, let’s look at the basics, shall we?

A good place to start is by getting to understand what Wix is


What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder. It is a simplified way of building websites. This flexible website builder is easy to use. You need not download any software. The website builder will run on your own browser and on top of that, Wix will provide you with its own hosting.

Did you know that Wix is considered to be a leading player in the website building landscape? With over 110 million websites and rising this is no doubt a force to reckon with. Why is this so?

Well, our answer boils down to two aspects of this iconic website builder:

  • It is easy to use- all you need to di is to select a template design, and voila, you can start creating your site.
  • No technical skills required- Unlike other website builders that require you to be techy, Wix has no such requirements. Your non-techy self can create quite an amazing site with Wix website builder.

Why Use Wix?

Aside from it being easy to use and requiring no technical skills, Wix is totally awesome from a functional point of view.

How do I mean?

You see, Wix has visually impressive layouts which are tailored for restaurants, small businesses, artists and online stores. The sites are also optimized for mobile devices and they can be spiced up by using a number of apps found in the Wix App Market.

Let’s think of Wix as a prefabricated house, shall we?

Yes, in such a house, you cannot change the structure but you can spice it up by painting the walls and adding furniture to the space. You can achieve this by selecting the theme that you want and adding the apps and photo galleries of your choice.

Wix Pricing Options

Wix is free for as long as you may want. However, if you desire to have your own domain name, get priority support and enjoy an ad-free plan, you might have to choose from any of its premium plans that include:

  • Combo- This is for personal use and it is billed at $11 per month. You get 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage and 30 video minutes. You also get to connect your own domain and remove Wix ads.
  • Unlimited- This is for entrepreneurs and freelancer and is billed at $14 per month. You get 10GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 1 video hour and you can connect your own domain and remove ads.
  • VIP- This gets you first priority support and is billed at $29 per month. With this package you get 20GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2 video hours and you can connect your own domain and remove Wix ads.

Remember all of these packages come with a free domain for one year.

There you have it, select a package that works for you and get your site up and running.