CleanMyPC Software Review

What you need to know about CleanMyPC Software

Why Use CleanMyPC Software for Cleaning Your PCEvery so often, your PC will need cleaning. The cleaning we are talking about is that which removes all unwanted files from your PC. You can easily achieve this by using CleanMyPC software. This software is designed to scan your entire computer, detect and clean up all junk files which in turn ensures that both the speed and the performance of your PC is enhanced. Better still, CleanMyPC is not your ordinary PC cleaner, it does more than just clean your PC.

Let us have a brief look at what this amazing software does

i. Cleans your PC

Yes, you guessed right. Being a PC cleaner, the first and obvious function is in cleaning your PC. Notice that as you use your PC, it is likely to pile up cache, junk and log files over time. All of these unwanted files have a tendency of gobbling up disk space which can drag the performance of your computer. Good news though, CleanMyPC knows how to distinguish wanted and unwanted files and can then move to safely remove the unwanted files and restore your PC to its optimal performance.

ii. De-clutters your windows registry

Your windows registry is like a closet where all your software and OS stores mission crucial files. These software and programs go to the registry to retrieve the files they need to perform their functions. Imagine trying to retrieve something crucial from a closet cluttered with trash. Obviously, your programs and software will have a hard time retrieving data from a cluttered windows registry. CleanMyPC can help in cleaning out your windows registry making it easier for programs and software to retrieve data in a fraction of the time they would take retrieving from a cluttered closet or registry.

iii. Helps in uninstalling programs correctly

Often times, when you use default program uninstallers to uninstall software and programs from your PC, some useless and cache files are left behind. Most default uninstallers do not do a thorough job. Using CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller will ensure that the programs are uninstalled alongside all their unwanted cache files and toolbars leaving no trace of the program on your machine. Additionally, unlike the default uninstaller which uninstalls one program at a time, the CleanMyPC Multi Uninstaller allows users to select multiple programs that they need uninstalled and the program executes the function with good speed.

iv. Improves windows start up process?

Is your PC taking too long to boot? Well, one of the leading reasons for this might be that there are so many autorun programs that load alongside your windows. Using CleanMyPC you will be able to see all these autorun programs as one list and deselect those that you deem unnecessary thereby speeding up your PC start up process.

Parting Shot

In closing, CleanMyPC can also help you in cutting down on extensions, protect your online privacy, erase unwanted files in a secured way and get rid of all hibernation files. Check it out and give it a try, it might be what you have been looking for to enhance the performance of your PC.