Mobile Games in 2019

How Mobile Games Work Mobile games have been in existence for around two decades now. The oldest mobile game, Tetris, was introduced in 1994. Three years later, Nokia introduced the Nokia 6110 mobile phone which came pre-installed with the now famous Snake game. In 2003, Nokia took its push for mobile games a notch higher by launching the first ever dedicated gaming phone, the Nokia N-Gage. Fast forward to 2012 and smartphones had replaced most traditional mobile phones, mobile game developers came up with a Continue reading →

TAC25 Military Watch

How Does the TAC25 Military Watch Work? The advancements in technology has led to the rise of different gadgets that have been purposefully developed to make life easy and more pleasurable. Smart watches have become very popular making people‚Äôs life easier. However, some of the smart watches available in the market fall short when it comes to satisfying the needs and desires of the customers. This can be attributed to factors such as the product being overpriced or the products fail to meet the standards Continue reading →